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I called it a “small, black box that was extremely light.” Well throw that description out the door because the newer HD300 is smaller and in my opinion much sleeker with an aluminum silver and black rounded case that is so small it could fit in your pocket. I can see the HD300 traveling with you on vacation to be connected and used to placeshift to a TV while away from home. Size Comparison to Older Sage TV Extenders: In the above photo we have the last generation Sage TV HD200 Sits atop the older, first-gen Sage TV HD100 Extender Next I took a front and back photo of the HD300 sitting on top of the HD300 to give you perspective on the differences in form factor between the two: Obviously the HD300 takes the size even smaller & lighter than the HD200.And it uses a sleeker (in my opinion), brushed-aluminum metal case and adds capability for an IR Receiver to allow you to easily hide it away when you prefer it to just be invisible to the TV viewer.Earlier today Sage TV announced their newest generation Home Theater PC (HTPC) Extender / Media Player called the HD Theater like its predecessor with a new model number – the STPHD300 or HD300 for short.I’ve been using this HD300 model for several weeks and below offer up my opinions on how the HD300 compares to previous Sage TV extenders as well as the Xbox360 (the only extender available to Microsoft Media Center) and other Media Players on the market.The front view shows a glossy, black plastic casing.

Just like we saw with the HD200 before it, the HD300 has no power switch so a hard power-off requires unplugging the unit.

If you happen to choose one of the many Universal remote controls, most if not all of them work with the HD300.

I’ve used many different Logitech Harmony remotes and URC remotes all of which work great with the HD300.

All at a lower price than required with a full-blown HTPC computer.

The HD300 replaces the no-longer-available HD200 model that has been out of stock since June 1st.

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