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In this era of texting, it takes a little commitment to agree to actually talk on the phone, so if he agrees (or even suggests it), it’s a good sign that he’s really interested in you. Even if you voice-to-text it, you have a delay between your question and his response.A phone conversation allows you to dive deeper into those getting-to-know-you questions and lets you see what kind of chemistry you have in conversation.On, click the camera icon in the search bar and upload the photo from his profile.If he’s used that photo anywhere else, it will appear in search results.Here’s a tricky little tool to see if you can find more photos of this guy to make sure he is who he says he is.Right click his photo on a dating site or screenshot it.

You’re looking to make sure that his image is on profiles with the name he’s given you!

Talking just builds the relationship, so talk for several days or even weeks before you meet him.

I can’t really explain why talking on the phone can give you reassurance that he’s not a creep…but it’s true.

I know a woman who did this from a dating app for a man who said he was named Stefano, Italian, living in California.

The search revealed that he was Is online dating safe? I’m not saying you have to go all stalker on the guy, but Google his name and see what comes up.

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