Safari rss feeds not updating

For me, using Reeder lets me efficiently process my incoming stories, either from the list view or by jumping down through each full story, giving a fantastic flow to the experience.I’ve set it up for my RSS feeds synced via Feedly and articles I’ve saved for later in Instapaper.

Grayscale favicons for each website source are nice too, but with the newly-added image previews in the article list, I prefer the color version.

I bought the app as soon as I heard about it this morning – here’s why I think my money was well-spent.

Table of contents Plus, Reeder has always had a killer feature for me – rubber-banding between articles once you are at the top or bottom, much like Safari’s Reading List allows.

Overall, this variability is nice – I don’t recommend choosing an individual behavior because you’ll inevitability run into a moment where you want to change it.

And, just for reference, he’s what the other views look like (“Regular” is what Automatic most often displays as): I’d like to see the Automatic view changed in a future update to support both of these features – it’s really good and so so close, but definitely noticeable if you’re all-in on i Pad.

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