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You ll save loads of time but more importantly you ll already know how much a service is before you call the supplier so Have fun you can plan a fabulous wedding and still stay within your budget.Photography Adam Spooner Photography Julie Carter Editor ..with a professional photographer you can look like a movie star.HENNINGS DIAMOND DIFFERENCE At Hennings Jewellers we understand just how special a DIAMOND purchase can be and to make sure that your jewellery always looks its best and is always safe and secure we have created Hennings Diamond Difference .

Then there s Julian who proposed on the top of a mountain We hope you enjoy reading all of the Real Wedding stories the brides (and in some cases the grooms) have told us everything warts and all.

She s going to get a surprise when she opens the magazine...

And Frank whose proposal to Kylie involved a trail of rose petals and glowing paper lanterns to a home lit with hundreds of tealight candles - and a feast Our real brides prove that with the right dress you can look like a princess...

244 A Beauty Triumph for Cancer Survivor 266 Getting There is Half the Fun 268 Win Your Wedding Jewellery 272 Top 10 Hints for Planning Your Wedding 149 Relax and Recharge in Beachside Style 205 Supplier Listings Introduction 213 Storing Your Wedding Dress 204 Choosing an Entertainment Provider 206 Choosing a Wedding Photographer 281 A Dream Wedding Comes True for Kirsty-Ann 279 Getting Personal with Wedding Favours ...guiding you through your day 16 17 affordable WEDDINGS - CONTENTS Supplier Listings real rates and packages for more than 320 wedding suppliers in New South Wales and the ACT Photographers 207 Wedding Gowns 215 Reception Venues 221 Wedding Cakes 227 Wedding Flowers 231 Beauty 239 263 Jewellery 247 Wedding Celebrants 251 Caterers and Event Hire 257 Transport Wedding Entertainment 269 Wedding Planners and Decorators 273 Online Services 277 18 BEAUTIFUL COR Absolute Wilson Ong Photography Maria J.

Mayers Specialising in Decorating for Weddings for over 20 years I can set up any theme for your wedding day from classic to modern and everything in between giving you the perfect stress-free wedding.

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