Richard armitage dating anyone

Nevertheless, Lee, who was speculated to be gay, confirmed about his sexuality in an interview with The New York Times in June 2018.Richard surprised audiences when he came up with an announcement about his engagement with his girlfriend. The couple is reportedly dating the beauty since 2014.Her mentions are not genuine as she doesn't use it.Have a look: Daniela doesn't have an active Twitter account.They first gave their public appearances when they attended Though the couple is engaged, they were maintaining their love relationship a low key.

But as per now, no such shreds of evidence are seen for her to be dating anyone or having had involved in a marital knot.Maybe she doesn't like social distractions that much and maybe she is just too focused on her professional life which is why she has been less active in her social sites and gives fewer priorities to her personal life which she is totally entitled to.As a result of that, she has proven her dedication and determination in the industry which has paid her good the fans out there might have to wait some more time to see her in her romantic relationships. Well, seems like she is pretty much enjoying her life gliding through years as a single lady.However, nothing much can be said due to her sunning silence regarding her love life.

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