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“I continue to hear these stories from my friends about how when they’re on these standard dating apps, they’re always told they won’t get a first date.It’s right there in the bio,” she said, referring to the seemingly ubiquitous “Trump supporters swipe left.” “The people that do get a first date either don’t get a second date or they have to self-censor,” she continued.“It is sad to see we are furthering the divide, even in the dating world.” Another dating app, called Donald Daters, was launched this month for “like minded supporters of President Trump.” “Many on the Left chose party over love stopping any date if the other user is a supporter of our president,” the app’s website explains.Goss, who is married, said he started Trump for similar reasons.(In 2008, a black man who had volunteered on Barack Obama’s campaign was verbally harassed and physically assaulted for wearing an Obama shirt in Louisiana.Soon after Obama’s election, right-wing protesters across the country burned effigies of the first black president.When David Goss, co-founder of Trump, first started his dating site for supporters of President Donald Trump, he didn’t know how far it would go.

There’s Tinder, of course, and a spate of other apps like Bumble, Hinge, and Ok Cupid, as well as members-only platforms like Raya and the League.

“But there’s no discrimination against conservatives [on mainstream dating apps].

There’s absolutely no structural discrimination that prevents conservatives from dating.” “Rather than feeling sorry for my friends, I decided to go out and do something about it,” Moreno said. The app launched in October and immediately made headlines, not for its premise but for exposing user information — including names, profile pictures, and, in some cases, private messages — in an open database.

It has gained more than 52,000 members since Trump’s inauguration, according to Goss.

“As mainstream websites go further left, their pool is becoming smaller,” Goss told Market Watch in 2017.

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    Therefore, when he connects and makes plans online, he likely follows through, sometimes sooner, sometimes later.