Remington 700 dating serial number advice about dating older men

For the time being at least, "RS" can simply be considered the successor prefix to "AB".

And at least Remington seems to have changed the serial number prefixes & suffixes at the same time, so we can easily work out whether or not the serial number suffix is indicating a gun's chambering.

If it is a 1996 then the prefix letter in the serial number on the receiver will most likely be "B" or possible "C" Please always keep in mind that if you bought your gun used or second hand it may have had the barrels swapped and this can cause much confusion......example is a 1996 barrel will fit just fine on a 1978 receiver or vice versa!!!!!

In addition to what Tu Jays said, the barrel date stamps usually take long enough to repeat that you can get a pretty solid idea of which potential date applies to your gun based on its features.

Call Remington and give them the serial number, they will tell you when it was born, however keep in mind they due make errors. So, anyway, according to the above info, my PA barrel code and lack of serial # prefix, my Wingmaster has a mfg date of June 1953.

Back up what they tell you with this information; DECODING REMINGTON SERIAL NUMBERSModel 870 LETTER PREFIX1950 TO APPROX 1968: NO SERIAL NUMBER PREFIX1968 TO PRESENT: LETTERS USED (IN SEQUENCE)S-68, T-74, V-78, W-84, X-90, A-91, B-94, C-97, D-01, AB-05Model 870 LETTER SUFFIX (DESIGNATES GAUGE)V 12 GA. What is the barrel code and the serial # letter prefix?

DO NOT attempt to diagnose or repair your rifle yourself.

Keep in mind that barrels can be changed, guns can be refinished, and old parts can be replaced with new ones, so these things won't always reflect a specific date with 100% surety.

However, if you can identify several features that line up with one of your date possibilities, you should be able to identify the correct one fairly confidently.

If anyone can share their serial number prefixes for 870s with confirmed manufacture dates from 2008 - 2011, it would really help me out with this project.

Anyway, it's not as if the serial number prefixes were ever all that precise anyway.

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