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Oh sure, there was that brief moment when she seemed to have it all: a marriage to Vince Neil of Motley Crue, a fleet of Ferraris, and more diamonds than all the baseball fields in America combined.

Her baby daddy Kirk continues to irritate, and while her lying ex-boyfriend Brandon is gone, the pain he caused still lingers.The other ladies might also tell you that Athena’s had a steady streak of bad luck over the last few years; there was the revelations of James’ numerous infidelities, then their seemingly endless divorce, then custody issues involving their three children.For a moment, it looked like she might lose her persistent war with alcoholism, but she pulled it together – just before the death of her mother.Ironically, the other Ex-Wives feel the same way about that comment now as they did back then – they think it’s a load of crap.They’ll tell you that Blue is the one most desperate to be liked, and the irony of her life is that her efforts to ingratiate herself have had the exact opposite effect.

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