Rekonnect dating

Saying “I understand” does not mean that you agree.

You can still disagree, but understand why your partner feels a certain way.

Even more powerful is the effect of listening to your partner’s point of view fully (without trying to conjure up a rebuttal) and then saying, “you’re right.” Try this. More importantly, watch your broken marriage begin to be repaired.

Being heard by your partner is one of the greatest feelings.

Science shows us that we naturally mimic the emotion and body language of those we are around.

If you want a gentler, more kind partner, then you need to adopt those attributes. We can get so caught up in being “right” and “winning” an argument that we stop listening and go right in for the kill. Taking time to develop the habit of validating your partner’s feelings will change everything.

A sincere compliment or show of appreciation changes the course of their day.

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Stop yourself when your thoughts begin to spiral downward. The next step to save your marriage is to reconnect with your spouse.

Like a breath of fresh air filling the lungs all the way to the brim.

Certainly, it’s a way better feeling than defeating the one you love.

When your spouse brings something up that irritates you, how do you react?

Do you immediately roll your eyes, or raise your voice?

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