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Without knowing what the OP's criteria are for a valid address, all we can do is toss up a few possibilities.

In that case, `false' is returned to the calling algorithm, so ultimately `false' is returned to the algorithm of `!

I don't presume it is the best strategy, just one that came quickly to mind.

Which would still include the possibility of a Web server that was temporarily down for maintenance being recognized as not existing.

I found a method that used the dot's in the name and only used the value in between, but what it the user types: uk (uk is coming from the dropdownbox) or uk, not so easy to validate I think. Hello, It is indeed close to the solution but as one of the posters on the website already stated, what if you type a domain name like or I think the good old way of converting all chars to ascii and review char by char based on and their ascii range.

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