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He also found out that the temperature near to the mid-Atlantic ridge was warmer than the surface away from it.He believed that the high temperature was due to the magma that leaked out from the ridge.The oceanic crust is composed of rocks that move away from the ridge as new crust is being formed.The formation of the new crust is due to the rising of the molten material (magma) from the mantle by convection current.On the other hand, if the ocean crusts continuous to move along the ocean and not found a trench, no subduction will occur.

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A younger oceanic crust is then formed, causing the spread of the ocean floor.

The Continental Drift Theory of Alfred Wegener in 1912 is supported by this hypothesis on the shift position of the earth’s surface.

The mid-ocean ridge is the region where new oceanic crust is created.

Such timescales can be assessed with natural Actinide-series decay chains because chemical disruption to secular equilibrium systems initiates parent-daughter disequilibria, which re-equilibrate by the shorter half-life (t½) in a pair (see Fig. My group's work in this area invloves the application of such nuclide disequilibria in volcanic rocks from a variety of tectonic provinces to determine as precisely as possible the age of an individual eruption and/or the relative timing between eruptive events.

To this end, I and colleagues continue to develop radiometric tracers to obtain quantitative age information over time scales ranging from weeks to hundreds of years. (1998) Petrology and geochronology of basalt breccia from the 1996 earthquake swarm of Loihi Seamount, Hawaii: Magmatic history of its 1996 eruption, Bulletin of Volcanology, vol 59, 577-592.

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