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Here at the Creation Museum we make no apology about the fact that our origins or historical science actually is based upon the Biblical account of origins.

Now, when you research science textbooks being used in public schools, what we found is this.

For the record, I watched the debate at a meeting with Christians and non-believers, and while some were willing to find a better way to understanding Ham’s pause and final answer (suggesting he was at least thoughtful), it was still fairly obvious that it was antithetical to science and even good theology (and I agree). And you can watch the debate here if you are tempted.

If you want the blow-by-blow, here is one good synopsis for each part of the debate.

Nye, on the other hand, clearly and concisely named several things that would be evidence against his views on evolution and geology.

That must have been the most stark contrast between how these two people operate and understand things, and I’m not seeing people saying that that was a good talking point for Ham.

I didn’t figure either side would really win, but rather it seemed there would be a lot of talking past each other.

This opening line illuminates the fundamental issue with Ham and others who hold to similar thinking.

To “creationists,” this is not science, but rather a cultural and rhetorical war of which “creationism” needs to be defended posturing that causes sincere scientists to avoid intellectual engagement with people like Ham (and Hovind, and Comfort, etc.) as it may communicate legitimacy to their views, when fundamentally they are not working on the same philosophical and epistemological frameworks.

It leads, therefore, RDF and others to make statements like, “scientists should not debate creationists.” The problem is that this self-perpetuating warring frenzy feeds itself.

But perhaps the point that stands as the biggest highlight is the question from the Q&A session when Ham was asked what would convince him that he was wrong.

Answer: a long pause, and basically saying he’s a Christian, so that’s that.

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