Quiz dating style

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Quiz Date Live is debuting today as a live dating and trivia app, taking inspiration from the likes of HQ Trivia.

The most popular type of quiz is the personality quiz, and you can create personality quizzes like the ones you see on Facebook and Buzzfeed using Interact Quiz Maker.

1 dating app, East Meets East, which received million in funding from investors including 500 Startups).

Tokioka is also an expert in the quiz app space and the cofounder of Quipper, a global education technology company. Pacific time, potential daters and viewers can now participate in a live trivia session with that night’s woman.

Make A Scored Quiz Now Make assessments with Interact, also called multiple choice quizzes.

With this type every question has a correct answer and the results of the quiz are based on how many points you get correct in the quiz.

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