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Hand-choppers may laugh self-deprecatingly, but the underlying change in consumption habits in China is by no means that easy.

Singles’ Day: Where Everything Starts Singles’ Day (光棍节) should actually be called “Double 11” (双十一) because that’s how Chinese people refer to the shopping festival.

There are workshops and talks aplenty, music to fill your ears and beautiful craft stalls for you to peruse.

The Julian calendar worked so well at first that many countries adopted it.

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And that's why the year 2000 was a leap year, but 1700, 18 were not.

Over a span of one year, it runs 26 seconds too fast, but that's an error so slight that it will not be necessary to eliminate a day from the calendar until around the year 5300.

Still, some people would like to see our calendar changed yet again.

(Currently, the maximum number for any given year is three.)But wait! "Every five or six years, you would have to add a week at the end of December!

"So it seems that, like it or not, we are stuck — at least for now — with our current calendar.

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