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If you browse enough women's profiles, you'll notice the same thing too (I actually comment on this in my profile).

But look at guys' profiles so you can see specific examples of what lines, descriptions, and phrases are overused.

I'm going to give more examples of demonstrations versus descriptions, because it's really important. I WISH I WAS DEAD.'" I thought that was perfect.

Say for example you want to describe yourself as "mirthful and blustery." One time, I actually read a girl's profile in which she wrote, "I'm really good at getting out of awkward conversations by saying things like ' OH GOD. It SHOWED she's "mirthful and blustery," it SHOWED she's funny, and it SHOWED she can't stand boring conversation--all in one relatively short sentence without describing herself.

Then avoid them.6) Demonstrate that you're decisive, purposeful, and have passion in life.

Aside from humor, these are the hot-button qualities girls find attractive in guys.

I've been on more dates than I can count, kiss closed a zillion, f-closed a zillion, and had a few meaningful relationships all from online dating.

DO NOT get wordy (unless you're awesome and know for a fact you are enthralling with your words).

So that phrase should be changed to something more like, "Life is short, so I'd almost always rather go out and meet new people, ask homeless guys for money, or play match-maker in a retirement home." (See how I threw some humor in there for good measure?

Because if it wasn't clear, GIRLS LOVE FUNNY.) Oh and most importantly............7) Leave hooks.

They don't have the time or patience to read a novel length snore-fest from some guy on the internet who they have absolutely no investment in.

Therefore, your goal should be to be short, sweet, and to the point--that goes for both profiles and messages.

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