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“It didn’t change anything about the way I felt about her,” adds Chris.They were married in 2010, and his support continues to help Skiles, especially when she tries new treatments to stay on top of her condition.Some people might bring it up right away, while others prefer to wait until a relationship is more established.What feels right for you may depend on how extensive your psoriasis lesions are and how easily you can conceal them with clothing and makeup.

"Just don't wait for an intimate moment," counsels Dr. The atmosphere is always more relaxed when you discuss your psoriasis before becoming intimate with a partner.

Being self-conscious about her red, flaky patches made dating with psoriasis challenging at times, but it didn't keep Sabrina Skiles from finding her happily-ever-after.

Skiles, now 29, has had psoriasis since she was a teen — something that at times felt like it stood between her and potential relationships, even friendships.

“I thought people could see the psoriasis and wanted to talk about it but were too embarrassed to ask me what it was,” she says.

Though she's able to control her psoriasis with shea butter and thick moisturizers, she has patches on her elbows and scalp that can be itchy and unsightly, and experiences occasional flares.

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