Pros and cons interracial dating

I grew up in a Hispanic household, but my wife is from Iowa. Does is it mean that the stigma of dating outside your race is a thing of the past? Here's an inside look at the complicated lives of mixed-race couples.This only proves that they are least likely to marry any gender or race outside of their racial group.Having an interracial marriage is now a very common thing in most countries all over the world.

Sometimes they tell me how surprised they are that I chose a black guy and tell me (as a compliment) that I could get a really hot white guy.Based on research in 1990 of Mitchell-Kerman and Tucker still show that blacks being interracial married are less likely compared to other types of non-white group.In year 2010, there are 17.1 percent of blacks only that tends to marry interracially which means that the rate is lower than what Asians and Hispanic gets.But being in an interracial relationship, for me, is still fundamentally the same as any other relationship. My own race acts a little differently towards me now, like they need to be careful around me.You don't see that person's race anymore.... Or they make presumptions, such as if I dated a black guy that means I only like black guys or I have a black fetish or I don't like white guys...

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