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(Or maybe because he thinks you’re out of his league) More often though, a man passes because he is either bored of your profile text, or sees nothing special about you, or because something in your text offends him.

So take a little extra time when creating your profile and develop one that’s (A) friendly profile, (B) interesting profile, and (C) targeting the BEST of the best.

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I love my job as a veterinarian because I get to save lives and pet puppies. Play your cards right and maybe I’ll buy you a drink at my favorite local bar. It’s OK to be a little funny, a little weird and a little outrageous. Just a funny woman who’s confident in her ability to entertain herself and enjoy herself. I am an aspiring chef, a would-be skateboarder and an attempted blogger.

If he senses any negative vibes coming from your profile he may actually look for a reason to disqualify you so that he can be try his luck at a better match.

And that’s regardless of looks and regardless of how amazing your pictures look. Because like anyone, a pretty cool guy can be turned off with a single sentence.

While it might scare away guys who have low intellect and or rigid expectations, it will actually attract guys that want to have fun, have a good conversation, and actually laugh and have fun on a date. I just like to try everything once and always enjoy learning new things.

In this profile, she not only shows she has a sense of humor (and gives a great 80s reference) but she also describes her job and shows her friendliness by suggesting she would be happy to buy the guy a drink, if they get along. If you can show me something new I and challenging that I haven’t tried, I look forward to hearing from you!

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