Pro and cons of online dating

Having apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge can serve for finding a relationship or can simply be a fun way to go on casual dates with people! You may not even know what kind of personalities you really click with until you meet them!

There are multiple reasons why people try online dating and it can have both pros and cons; here are a few! On these apps, people can put pictures of themselves as well as a brief bio so viewers automatically have a basic idea if this would be a person they would be into and compatible with!

Remember what I said about being able to talk to multiple people?

Well this can also be a problem: boys talking to multiple girls.

The great thing about online dating is that you can choose and make it clear about what you’re looking for.

If someone wants a hookup, usually that is specified pretty quickly.

Expectation: Reality: Jet skiing, skydiving, roller coasters, dancing, you name it!

It can also make you feel desperate and weird at times just swiping away until you match, like trying to force something to happen instead of letting fate do its job. This can be a major con when it comes to online dating because you can literally be anyone you want to be with a touch of photo shop or poetic talents.

You may not feel like you are his first (or even second choice) because you never know who else this guy is flirting with!

It doesn’t hurt to ask if he is talking to anyone else though, or what his intentions are with this process.

Sometimes online dating can be a drag and a can feel like string of disappointments.

You keep going on these dates and nothing really clicks with anyone or you just keep running into weirdos.

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