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Parachute has helped our company scale for the future.With Parachute, we don’t need to worry about our systems being up-to-date or secure – they take the initiative and proactively let us know.

Because they have expertise in virtually every aspect of IT, our executive team can sleep at night knowing we have a true IT partner.

Whenever we need IT assistance and direction, Parachute is readily available. The technology advice we have received from Parachute has been crucial to our firm. This team enables us to stay focused on our clients and never on IT issues. We came to Parachute at a time where "winging it" with minimal formal infrastructure finally came back to bite us - hard.

They helped us get established on a true server system and the next year, were absolutely instrumental in our move to a new building.

Parachute constantly ensures we are taken care of, and offers input and suggestions when needed.

We appreciate the partnership that we have built with Parachute. We needed a true, turn-key partner with a long-term vision and guidance for our company.

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