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She dislikes Caleb and makes attempts to break Hanna and Caleb up, though to no avail.

She becomes romantically involved with Noel, much to Hanna's disapproval, but is later dumped by him for Jenna.

Although she cared for her friends, she enjoyed using their deepest secrets against them to keep them in line.

Charming and manipulative, Alison was skilled at finding ways to blackmail everyone, and many people hated her.

The following table contains an overall look on the main, recurring and guest characters.

She is revealed to be alive and on the run from "A." A former "unpopular" girl at Rosewood, Mona Vanderwaal, portrayed by Janel Parrish, longed to be accepted into Alison's group and was continuously mocked by her.However, when she is sent to Radley sanitarium, she is visited by Ce Ce Drake, who offers her a partnership and takes over the team of "A's", known as the A-Team.The team consists of Mona, Toby, Spencer, Sara, Lucas, Melissa, Wilden, Jenna, Noel, and Wren. Team, consisting of Jenna, Sydney, Aria, Wren, Mona, and Mary.She feels betrayed by her father, who has remarried, and she does not get along well with his new wife and daughter.When Hanna's mother falls upon financial hardship, she steals thousands of dollars from the bank she worked at, which Hanna is forced to keep a secret.

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