Post dating of patent application in usa

Do not assume that you know best because it is your invention.You must trust the skill and judgement of your patent attorney, as patenting involves a complex mix of law and technology.Your patent attorney will defend your application, and this is one more reason why it is essential to have professional representation.If the examiners decide to grant a patent, and all fees have been paid and any claims translations filed, the decision is reported in the European Patent Bulletin.Computer software on its own can be protected by copyright but not by patents in Europe.However, an invention that is implemented on computers by means of software - for example, an improved data handling system - is patentable in Europe.

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A search report is sent to you, listing and including copies of all prior art documents found by an experienced examiner and regarded as relevant to your invention.

In some states, validation may include having to file (and pay for) a translation of the whole patent, or just a translation of the granted claims.

A granted patent may be opposed by third parties - usually the applicant's competitors - if they believe it should not have been granted.

The case will be examined by an EPO team, again of three examiners.

Opposition is the last chance to attack a European patent as a single entity in a single forum.

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