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Another player, Wang Zhaoxi, a 24-year-old employee at a Hangzhou-based internet company, told Sixth Tone that she was curious about the genre but has found the game disappointing. “I’m very bored as a nonpaying player because the plot moves so slowly.” Wang added that an alternative name that some have given the game is “Money and Four Wild Men.”Other female players shared the same criticisms, telling Sixth Tone that the game was a money-grabbing exercise that allowed players to insert themselves into shallow, idealized plots as an implausible character — a phenomenon known in fandom as “Mary Sue.”“It just adapts Mary Sue stories into a game,” 24-year-old engineer Grace Su told Sixth Tone.

“And the so-called game part is very simple: You don’t have to use your brain; you merely collect things to level up, and it explicitly asks for your money.” She said she uninstalled it after one day.

On Saturday, a 100-story skyscraper in southern China, Shenzhen’s KK100, lit up with an LED banner wishing happy birthday to Li Zeyan — the imaginary boyfriend of millions.

Though as of August, women made up more than half of all players on “Honour of Kings.”Ding adds that the developers behind “Evol Love R” should conduct further research to ensure the product continues to meet consumers’ demands.

She told Sixth Tone that she enjoys the attention from virtual paramours, as her long-distance real-life boyfriend is often busy.

“He replies to my messages, but not always on time,” she explained.

On Saturday, Jiang celebrated Li’s virtual birthday with a small cake.

Costing over 250,000 yuan (,000), the skyscraper message was purportedly also a birthday gift purchased by Li’s gamer girlfriends — though an employee surnamed Li from the building’s sales department told Sixth Tone that the customer was an advertising firm, and that he could not reveal further details.“Evol Love R” users play as a female film producer who has inherited a near-bankrupt production company from her late father.

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