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He has 10 years of experience in writing and Internet marketing.

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We have updated the list mentioning the current status of the client so you can skip those clients without bothering to clients around the world thanks to its open source support and based on edonkey2000 client.e Mule has Multi-language support with ability to connect to multiple servers and intelligent file corruption detection system to help you in getting genuine , Windows 7The last KCeasy was released in 2008 and since then there hasn’t been any update to the client, which could mean the KCeasy is abandoned project.

ANts is written in Java hence it supports all types of operating system.

Ants is still in beta and not many users are using it Download ANts peer 2 peer file sharing client Sandip Dedhia is the founder of, He holds the degree of bachelor of engineering in Information Technology.

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a decentralized communications model in which each party has the same capabilities and either party can initiate a communication session.

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