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It’s the “largest single migration of an adult brand to the top-level domain to date”, ICM said.Raymond could be described as an old-school pornographer, with a history stretching back to the 1960s, better known for its clubs and top-shelf titles than its online presence.ICM did make a block list for celebrities and certain other entities.It was reported that many universities were buying domains related to their schools, to avoid someone taking advantage of the name of their school, their sports teams, or their mascots and associating it with sexual material.The deal includes the domains,,,,,,,,,, and, ICM said.Domains such as and, Raymond’s best-known titles, may also be included, but they’re not mentioned in ICM’s press release. The migration is expected to be complete by February next year.The long-term goal is to increase the market-share of Hundreds, even thousands, of celebrity names were placed on permanent reserve lists by ICM Registry, for example and Britney

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9 addresses sold for over 0,000; the most expensive domain was, which sold for 0,000 to Liberty Media Holdings.The search engine does not have a direct revenue model, but is instead a means of directing greater traffic to sites.Touted benefits of the search engine include: a pornographic focused search rather than a search that could result in non-pornographic sexual material, a safe and focused search for adults, the ability to search via sexual orientation, and not saving or recording searches to one's Google search history.The performers would be free to transfer the domain, and it would be there responsibility to renew and maintain the domain after the first year.Following the opening of the general availability of domains on December 8th, 2011, ICM Registry declared the launch of the name space a victory, and described it as "the most successful launch of any new sponsored top level domain." Their international, high-profile advertising campaign and the nature of the domain itself attracted a great deal of media coverage.

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