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For a long list of reasons it is different than the other major sports.

One reason is the lack of trash talk within the game compared to football, hockey, soccer and basketball.

In all of these other sports players are closer to each other than in baseball.

There is plenty of opportunity to put your opponent down verbally when at the line of scrimmage or going after a puck in the corner.

Resurrecting a reason to believe gets harder each year. Vontaze Burfict, a hero minutes earlier for a pass interception, was called for a personal-foul late hit on Steelers wideout Antonio Brown with 22 seconds to play. The decisive penalties weren’t all that mattered in this game. But you slug and sweat and die a little for 59 minutes to take a lead for the first time.

That put the ball on Cincinnati’s 32; another personal foul, this one on Adam Jones, moved it 15 yards closer to the Cincinnati end zone.“Also, the least necessary. The game is yours, and then it isn’t....“This was a brutal, cruel, bitter game that will be remembered by both teams and towns for a long time. In the end, that mattered not at all to most fans, who had waited a quarter century for this night. And they played like clownish, dangerous buffoons for their coach, who showed he had no control over the team he’s been with for over 13 years. Hitting just hard enough to cross the line between tough football and dirtiness.

The Seahawks were down 9-0 going into the fourth quarter and pulled it out.

And in the nightcap, Green Bay roared back from an 11-0 early deficit to prevail 35-18 in Washington.

As an ACC guy, of course I’m rooting for Clemson Monday night big time. But it hasn’t yielded the woebegone franchise any playoff glory, nor has it done any favors for Coach Marvin Lewis, who now falls to 0-7 in his playoff career.

Talk about an unwatchable game, I kept dozing on and off while sitting at my desk, it was so awful.--And on Sunday, we had two solid games.

In the third coldest playoff game in NFL history, Seattle prevailed over Minnesota, 10-9, with a game time temperature of -4.

In those sports quality trash talking is as much a strategy as setting a pick or calling an audible.

There are no pleasantries exchanged between a wide receiver and a cornerback or any player on the ice during a hockey game.

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