Paul ryan dating black women

In the 2014 House election, he won the election with 63 percent of his district’s vote.In the 2016 Republican primary election, Ryan faced businessman Paul Nehlen and won taking over 84 percent of the vote.The same dynamic takes place whenever one of those slideshows featuring popular athletes and entertainers and their mates makes its way around the internet, as the guys who (gasp!) have Black wives always get a small boost with their “Black” stock.Perhaps he’s not as out of touch as we assumed, and his apparent soft spot for Black women may suggest that he’d be sympathetic to issues dear to the Black community.Plus, while a Romney inauguration probably won’t have Jay-Z and Beyonce performing, maybe Ryan’s Black connection might be able to land Seal or one of Hootie’s Blowfish.He became the second-youngest member of the House to win Republican primary and the general election.

There are no other records of his past and present relationships. Currently, he resides in Janesville with his family.

Being a politician, Ryan has been dragged into several controversies in his life but he has never let the controversies ruin his image in public and media.

Paul has a height of 6 feet 1 inches and weighs 86 kg.

He has two brothers named Tobin Ryan and Stan Ryan and a sister named Janet Ryan.

As a child, he attended in Oxford, Ohio in 1989 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science in 1992.

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