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Previously I checked it in the backend but it made things very slow so now the backend generates the domains and the client lazily checks the availability.[1] https:// Things like this seem like touchstone topics for startups, HBO's Silicon Valley had a scene with the sanest member of their group at a whiteboard filled with names desperately saying "choose one so we can get back to work", and I've certainly been in the same spot.I wonder if startups just compress the ridiculous corporate silliness into short bursts.after you have potential names, here's my step-by-step walkthrough for the US trademark application process - So, looking at the "nominology" article, and considering our name ( "Fogbeam Labs", with domain name, I'd rank our name like this EVOC - neutral. :-(For the most part, we get a lot of positive comments on the name when we introduce ourselves to people, so all in all, that's one decision that has worked out well.Fogbeam is evocative of something to do with light and illumination, so if we were a LED bulb manufacturer or something, it would be good. There are very few other references to the phrase "fogbeam" and the few there are relate to something obviously different - bulbs for auto fog lamps, etc. I don't think our name is so special that it will cause us to succeed all on it's own (could any name do that?However, that name is properly terrible, and I think that it succeeded in spite of that name. I went through a couple of namegenerators and I found to be the best of the lot - specially it's realtime domain availability check (.com/.org/.net)Pair it with to check availability of social media handles.If you are looking for random 4/5/6 letter domains that might be available (mostly sedo) then is at it - eg: could be less cool than calling a startup “”had its 15 minutes of fame, but I see that Google acquired their patents and domain names: meanwhile, something seemingly "uncuil" like Duck Duck Go is still around and is being included as an optional search engine in most modern browsers. :)Note the update on the "nominology" article: "As soon as this went to print, Rob Felty (a linguist) informed me that the established term for what I've called nominology is onomastics. "And further discussion in the comments: EVOC - RBREV - YGREP - GGOOG - GPRON - YSPEL - YVERB - RNominology: EVOC - YBREV - YGREP - GGOOG - GPRON - GSPEL - YVERB - Y (nominologize?

I think our tagline/slogan plays ties it together though "Cut through the information fog". :) Your analysis on each dimension seems spot on to me. PS: I don't think verbability is a total fail either. Maybe some kind of "beam me up" phrasing could become the verbified version...Around late 2005-2006 it wasn't so bad, it was more 20-something guys in tech.A significant enough portion of the articles on the front page were related to programming or tech-real topics (esp.A while back I created a startup name generator by fusing tech and culinary terms together. It gets a decent amount of traffic and a few domains purchased every once in a while.Check it out: I've had a few people tell me it relieved a bunch of stress from choosing the perfect name.

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