Patience dating quotes best the dating game questions

“ You’ve had a hard day at the office; you race home to fix a candlelight dinner because you and your partner had planned dinner for two – a quiet evening at home.

Dinner’s in the oven you set the table, you make sure you are looking your best and all ready for a romantic evening.

What you’re doing here is judging your partner negatively, focusing on the destructive rather than the constructive.Because you lack patience, you start an argument determined that you are right and that he should be doing exactly as you want him to do.You have to win the argument so you explode just like a pressure cooker.None of us are perfect; we cannot be patient all of the time, but once you understand the importance of patience for a healthy loving relationship, you will be a much more balanced person.Patience is not something you’re born with; it’s something you acquire over the years, it’s a skill that you can learn and like any skill, you get better at it over the years.

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