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Moore Maker New England Knife Co's New York Knife Co.

Northwoods Pal Parker Piranha Pro-Tech Puma Queen Queen Classics R.

Together with several GFM cold forging machines and double spindle deep hole drillers, the company's machining capability for producing a perfectly finished bore to extremely fine tolerances is legendary.

The company ceased to exist upon completion of the contracts.

The immediate post-war years can best be described as a period of frustrated opportunity, since overseas markets were opened but materials of all sorts were in short supply.

Nevertheless, by 1948 business abroad far exceeded the home trade.

Major architectural developments in the City finally forced a move to new premises at Golden Hillock Road in 1963.

Positioned alongside the BSA factory sportsground and Spark Brook, from which the local area gets its name, the Parker-Hale factory headquarter building echoes the traditions of the Birmingham gunmaking industry, since it occupies the very site that the Proof House located their testing range.

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