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And as “Parenthood,” a show I have loved, draws to a close, that ethos is driving me slowly nuts.

“Parenthood” might have tried to build a compelling case for her candidacy based on her past work experience, but instead, the show and her campaign treated her new zeal for life and her experience parenting Max as if they were credentials enough to run a city of more than 100,000 people.

The six Braverman families at the heart of “Parenthood,” Jason Katims’s family drama, which is now in its sixth and final season, initially looked like a kind of liberal ideal.

In adorable craftsmen houses and in small apartments, the Bravermans raised interracial families and a boy with Asperger syndrome.

It's a good show, and you WILL see something of you or your family in it somewhere.

Being a 22- year old young talented and hot figure of Hollywood, Miles Heizer is not in an open relationship.

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