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My family almost didn’t come to my wedding, and when my parents decided to come at the last minute, they chose to sit in the back.

My siblings were not allowed to be in the ceremony.

Our grandparents on both sides had been in “til-death-to-us-part” marriages and each of our parents were close to celebrating golden wedding anniversaries.

We made the same commitment and we knew that, as parents, we wanted to encourage our own children to do the same.

Blogger That Mom recently began a series on courtship.

In fact, they didn’t often refer to relationships with the opposite sex outside of the goal of being married one day.Linda knew that trying to convince her daughter to leave the relationship would likely make her daughter pull away from her, so she simply voiced her concerns in a natural way and then dropped it.Then, instead of trying to extricate her daughter, Linda focused on for her daughter.Linda told me that she wanted to make sure that when her daughter eventually realized that she needed to get out she would know she could come to her mother for help.No judgement, no guilt trips, no manipulation, no constant hinting. And sure enough, after a few years her daughter realized that the relationship was broken and came to her mother, because she knew that her mother accepted her, and loved her, and would be there for her.

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