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Design and manufacture of high speed imaging systems for particle, droplet and bubble size measurement.

Oxford University Computing Services, which hosts the Open Spires project, has for more that three decades also hosted the Oxford Text Archive.In a report on the current state of the archive published by the British Library in 1989, Judith Proud noted The 1988 Copyright Act is due to become law in April 1989.It introduces a new restriction into the fair dealing section which specifically prohibits copying of copyright literary works for use by several people at the same time for the same purpose (‘copying’ is explicitly defined in the Act as including storage in electronic form).Now that we are looking at Creative Commons licensing, we must decide whether it makes sense for us to extend this ‘man-in-the-middle’ approach for this purpose or perhaps look back to how the OTA originally arranged itself.In this model we would ask external contributors to license their material themselves under a Creative Commons licence, and we would simply provide technical means for the material to be internet-available and appropriately tagged with metadata.

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