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If this Swedish pop outfit isn’t as well-known globally as Ace of Base or ABBA (what’s with all the ‘A’ bands, Sweden?

), it’s because they didn’t have a song as catchy/annoying as “The Sign” or anything by ABBA.

While they still perform live occasionally (without former leader Alexander Bard — songwriter and, uh, founder of a religious movement), they left behind four studio albums, of which “Crucified” might give you a taste of what you’ve been missing.

Best known as a transgender model, Ashley’s music career is embryonic.

And his “boy band” Brockhampton just dropped its own debut, , an album of electro-pop love songs.

On a few of the album’s tracks, Act co-wrote with gay musicians Sam Sparro and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters.

Vor knapp zwei Jahren stellten wir im Rahmen eines Newcomer-Specials Lisa-Kaindé und Naomi Díaz alias Ibeyi vor.

Und irgendwie spürten wir schon damals, dass die Zwillinge mit Wurzeln in Frankreich und Kuba mal auf unser Cover gehören.

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How many musicians can you think of who tried to effect change not just through their artistry but by actually running for public office? This Portland-based bisexual had a viral moment in 2008 with the slow-burning video for “End of the World” that showed off his fancy footwork with another man and revealed his steadfast way with a Rufus Wainwright-esque ballad.Because all dance bands should have — or, sadly, should have had — a hot violinist to make them fly (“Rather Be ft. Let us admit that we miss the art cabaret that brought Anohni to the attention of the masses, with the help of the patronage of Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, when she explored in song the longing and awkwardness and awakening of the transgender consciousness.“For Today I Am a Boy,” from , was a deeply felt novelty for many listeners that sounded like a rallying cry for the still-nascent transgender movement, and for those in the midst of their own transitions must have hit them like a comet from the heavens.His sounds are both scary and soothing, and his sound effects downright frightening, but try to stop listening or to look away from his videos.“Reverie” and “Desafío” — both from this year’s — fetishize eroticism to the point of obsession.

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