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At the time, he expressed his deep concern for his son at the prison because of the poor food provided to prisoners and the prevalence of Aids. Thai prisons, for male prisoners and hardened criminals at maximum security institutions at least, are notorious for providing poor quality rice and fish heads to those who cannot afford to buy their own food.In 2016, Lance’s dad broke down to the press when his son’s 50 year prison sentence was upheld.The father broke into tears when his son was lead away again back to prison that day.‘I was hoping for a much shorter sentence and I’m totally devastated,’ he said.He expressed his frustration with the support from the UK Embassy at the time and lashed out at the conditions that his son was being held in at Klong Prem.He described bad food with cockroaches everywhere in the prison. He revealed that he traveled regularly to the prison to bring his son food and expressed himself worried about his son’s physical and mental condition.He said his son had witnessed two stabbings and an attempted rape up to that point while imprisoned there.At the time, Lance’s mother, Debbie Caswell who has championed support efforts for her son including her own regular video calls to him in prison, felt strongly that the psychological fallout from the sudden death of Lance’s beautiful Thai fiancée, was a big factor in his admitted criminal actions in August 2014.25 year old Jitma Tahin had died just months before his arrest.

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Debbie has said that he believes her son was ‘vulnerable’ after the shock death of the young woman he loved.Lance is lucky that he is not being held at which is reputed to be Thailand harshest jail.However, prison time in Thailand, at any institution, is not easy particularly for foreigners and especially, according to reports, in recent years with severe overcrowding and the consequent need for tighter prison discipline.The UK man is lucky to have the support of a committed and active family both at home and in Thailand who visit him as often as possible and provide an impressive level of support.The young man is believed to be suffering from a bad back from having to sleep on a concrete floor at the huge prison where he once shared a bare wall prison cell with up to 78 other inmates.

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