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Bobby gives her sassy approval before leaving Cosima alone with the stunner who just walked in.

The first thing Shay says is that she can’t believe her eyes because Cosima’s photos were obviously beautiful but in real life she looks like if a smile and a hug took human form and had a lesbian lovechild.

Cosima tells Felix that she really doesn’t want to be there, but Felix makes her promise to give it at least 20 minutes.

When she hangs up, Bobby the Bartender gives her some encouragement. Cosima asks if she reeks of it and before Bobby can give her a bulleted list of how, Cosima’s date walks in.

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Returned to her cell after her ill-fated escape attempt, Helena is now chained to the wall in an attempt to keep her from escaping again.

Since the baby didn’t have a synthetic sequence, he can’t survive, but they can root out the defect and create a gene therapy from what Rudy calls his baby brother.

Virginia eventually kicks Rudy out because Paul is back, saying she’ll debrief Mark and that Rudy should take his 48 hours of leave and be gone.

They smile and giggle and I don’t care how much you ship Delphine, if this scene didn’t make you smile, you need to check to make sure no one sold your soul to the devil.

Across town, Art is trying to get in touch with a disconcertingly unresponsive Sarah when little Gracie shows up at his door, saying Sarah had told her to find him if she ever needed anything.

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