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The JVM is currently configured to use the Sun XML parser, which is knownto be buggy and can not be used with Open SAML.Please endorse a functional JAXP library(ies) such as Xerces and Xalan.Many XMLObjects contain a collection of child objects, for example a SAML Assertion may contain many Statements.Instead cluttering the interface for these containing objects with methods to add, remove, clear, iterate over, and get children by index, these XMLObjects simply expose the collection of children directly.The code on the other side doesn't need to know anything about the SAML configuration (see below), can mess with the objects, and still validate them afterwords. I was assuming that calling authn Statement.validate(true) would perform all of the available validation for that element and all its children.I think what you want to do is use some of the preconfigured validator suites, these contain validators for trees of XMLObjects (SAMLObjects in this case). One further question: the assertion schema (for example) has a second validator (Assertion Spec Validator).

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Log4J, logging) or provide a logging system that natively implements the SLF4J interfaces (e.g. The developers of Open SAML use the logback logging framework because it provides some features (e.g.When its done building you'll end up with a couple of distributionpackages within the dist directory. I haven't tested this script on windows, so if it doesn't work, feelfree to send me a patch to make it work.When you construct an XMLObject it does not yet carry any validators, they must be added. Validation Exception; import org.opensaml.saml2validator. Authn Statement Schema Validator; public class val ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 [main] DEBUG val - Calling authn Statement.validate(false) 20 [main] DEBUG val - Calling Authn Statement Schema Validator ().validate 20 [main] DEBUG val - org.validation.The auto-binding behavior of the JCL can be very problematic if you have more than just a basic classloader hierarchy (a scenario found in every application container currently available).Second, SLF4J allows you to log to the facade before it is even configured (it ships with a very very minimal logging implementation and configuration).

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