Opposites attract dating website

Canada, UK and USA all had heavy representation, whereas there was only one Aussie—a 24-year-old guy from Sydney who had a Japanese manga character as his profile picture. What is it about Mr Shin-chan and I that is so perfectly compatible?

(Coincidentally, 58% of me is from Great Britain, 25% from Scandinavia and the rest is a smattering of 10 other genealogical regions. The very same photo I use for my author profile picture on this page, in fact.

Scientists believe it's chemicals like these that act as interpersonal sex signals.

Research has shown that mice preferentially choose to mate with mice that have a different MHC to them.

However, our ability to smell each other is often confounded by the deodorants, perfumes and colognes we wear.

Now, DNA Romance is getting straight to the genetic source of chemistry.

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