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Make sure that you keep hidden on you at all times– but not in your bag or wallet, of course!

Suggestion: Consider keeping a bill hidden under the footpad inside one of your shoes. Consider going on the date with a friend, and invite your date to do the same.

Sometimes the “roommate” story is just a story, and a date is actually going out with you to bring income into the household, with his “roommate’s full knowledge and encouragement.

Don’t reveal too much personal information too quickly.Instead, talk about lighter matters, such as movies you enjoy, vacations you’ve taken, foods you enjoy, hobbies that you have, etc.So remember to keep the chat “light.” Do not let your date know where you work.This first date is your opportunity to discover compatibility and personal chemistry, rather than a moment to reveal extensive personal details about yourself.You should limit any talk of health matters, family matter, stories about former relationships.

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