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The 10 will be selected from among nominations received from National Olympic Committees and National Federations by 30 September.

They will be joined by additional athletes elected by their peers at each of the four continental events.

Many Team Canada athletes will have their eyes on another pretty big prize – Olympic qualification.

The list below will tell you what to watch for and you can always stay up to date with our Tokyo 2020 Qualification Tracker: The top finisher in each of the men’s and women’s individual events will earn an Olympic spot for their country.

The balance, the stability and the right communication between the horse and the rider is a key element for success in Equestrian sport.

Four Continental Events and a final World Qualification Event will be held between February and May 2020 to give boxers the opportunity to seal their places at the Tokyo 2020 boxing tournament.

Gold medals in the team and duet events will give Olympic berths to those winning countries.There are two Olympic spots to be won in the Laser and Laser Radial events.Canada has already locked up its place in the Laser Radial for Tokyo thanks to Sarah Douglas’ performance at the 2018 World Championships.This group will provide valuable athlete input and feedback to the Task Force and promote the athlete voice and representation in boxing, for Tokyo 2020 and beyond.The Athlete Ambassadors will comprise 10 boxers, one man and one woman from each of the five regions, providing gender equality and global representation.

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