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Huge waves of carnal eroticism and lewd sensations of ripping, searing pleasure swamped my brain as their abuse sent burning electricity tearing up and down my body.My ass fucker pushed me back down, driving his shaft deep into my butt. " he moaned as I felt him shoot his load into my now well used ass. He began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth as his my asshole continued to be battered by hard, black cock.

Then again, I felt his bloated mushroom head slip down into my tight throat.

I grunted helplessly around the hard cock in my mouth as the black man pummeled my guts with his massive organ.

Then I heard him cry out and he froze against me, his huge black cock pumping its sperm load into my white ass.

"Oh yeah, you fucking whore," the man cried as he slammed into me, his hands squeezing the front of my thighs, pulling me into him, his hard cock driving its full length into my ass, as some other guy held my face into the sand.

"Oouuuhhhhh," I moaned, giving up the thought of resistance, my own prick painfully hard.

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