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Jesse is "partially circumcised so with having a micro penis the foreskin never gets super tight just kinda stays loose and around the bottom of the head". These ones were submitted by Chaim who had this to say: "Your website has helped me come to terms with my micropenis. I had a wife five years she was never satisfied sexually. He told me his dick is about 3.5 inches long and 4.5 inches around when erect.

We do what we can to make it work, although it is certainly a challenge." Photos by anon user, 62 years old: "I love my little penis it works just as good as the big boys I used to be embarrassed cute they called it and now I've overcome that and really enjoy my body. It's also a plus that I can wear almost any panties without a bulge. Small but probably not small enough to be micropenis The penises down below although below the average are not small enough to be considered micropenises: These photos were submitted by KG.

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Hopefully the pictures below will give you a good idea! If you have a micro and want your pictures to be featured here please send me an email Don't forget to write a few things about yourself like how big you are when erect, sexual orientation etc. Click here if you want to read a short interview I had with him!

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