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Low-level objc stuff will have to wait a bit, writing nice clean python 3 code is much more fun :-) And: my best wishes for the 2019.Ronald I wonder how hard it will be to fix #256, with some luck NSXPCInterface access information that isn’t exposed through a public API.* Ensure that Py Obj C can be built using /usr/bin/python on mac OS 10.14 This failed due the problems with header files in the SDK included with Xcode 10.Regards, Ronald — Twitter: @ronaldoussoren Blog: https://blog.ronaldoussoren.net/ I'm trying to figure out how to call python from cocoa/objective-c code, but haven't found any example code that actually works.I filed an issue with them here: https://bitbucket.org/cffi/cffi/issues/391/cffi-doesnt-work-inside-a-macos-app-bundle I guess we should add this flag to the code in Modules/_ctypes/malloc_closure.c CPython) and in the similar code in Py Obj C.The annoying bit is that the flag is new in 10.14, and CPython installers are created on 10.9 which means those won’t include the new flag for a long time.

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I dropped that in a file, added `--entitlements=$THAT_FILE.plist` to my codesign invocations, removed all my workarounds for ctypes et. (except for the hard-coded 'import _cffi_backend' still necessary to convince modulegraph to include enough code for SSL to work), and then tried launching my app. I can add a recipe for that to py2app to do this automagically.

With the "restricted" runtime you'll have to add the "com.apple.allow-jit" entitlement to use this flag, in earlier versions you'd have to use a different entitlement: "com.apple.allow-unsigned-executable-memory".

The MAP_JIT flag is only used on mac OS 10.14 or later.

Hi, I’m looking for users and usages of Py Obj C and py2app for a number of reasons.

- I’m personally interested in what people are doing with my projects, this not just strokes my ego but also tends to show fun usecases - I’d like to add information to the documentation on how and why Py Obj C is used - I’d like to add links to (OSS) projects to the documentation, amongst others as more realistic examples than the example code in the repository - Links to source code can help me improve Py Obj C For py2app I have similar reasons for being interested, but there’s another one: py2app is getting long in the tooth and requires tweaking for a lot of programs using it.

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