The policy is implemented to allow the money supply to rise in line with national income and the demand for money.When the economy slows down, the Federal Reserve can implement an accommodative monetary policy to stimulate the economy.In this article I investigate the prevalence, variety, and significance of non-accommodating bilingualism in Ukraine, with particular focus on television talk and game shows.I argue that while in some ways bilingual non-accommodation functions to defuse the contested issue of language choice, it can also perpetuate existing linguistic inequalities and tensions.It does this by running a succession of decreases in the Federal funds rate, making the cost of borrowing cheaper.


Accommodative monetary policy occurs when a central bank (such as the Federal Reserve) attempts to expand the overall money supply to boost the economy when growth is slowing (as measured by GDP).

Even in conversations where speakers are free to speak whichever language they prefer, the politics of Ukrainian and Russian language and ethnicity continue to be engaged.

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If the money supply is loosened for too long, there will be too much money chasing too few goods and services, leading to inflation.

To avoid inflation, most central banks alternate between the accommodative monetary policy and the tight monetary policy in varying degrees to encourage growth while keeping inflation under control.

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