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Now, let’s put the theory of the previous section in practice.Imagine that you have the statistics of the players of a basketball team in an XML document.Let’s say that your XML document looks something like this: As you can see, the data of the player is saved as attributes of the ‘player’ element while the match averages of points and rebounds are contents of an element.

Our example is Web-based, therefore it would be nice if Python were integrated in your Web server, but-–of course–you may modify the script to run as a standalone application or in any other way you desire.

In the following example, the methods start Element(), end Element() and characters() of the Content Handler illustrate this procedure.

We will not go into error handling details in this article, but provides enough exception classes for your programming needs.

You don’t have to be an expert in Python or XML in order to follow this article.

On the contrary, this is an introduction rather than an in-depth analysis.

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