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I joined up on this meet up app thing on my phone to meet people, but at the moment I've had bad luck.I met one girl and we seemed to be getting on well, we exchanged whatsapp details and got talking on there.Just save up, I was 30 before i realised and started going to asia last year, now this time i'm committed because i've watched how they interact from afar and how humble they are (talking singaporeans and filipinos in singapore along with my now filipina friends who lived in singapore and now live in philippines) there's a different dimension out there where girls like cute and sweet, their not afraid to show real feelings.why don't you just man up and you might find someone then instead of flying around the world looking for places where men are submissive to women.

It seems that unless I have some super great photos up of me posting with my shirt off or something, I get no replies. I am frustrated with my dating life and my sex (or lack therefore) life. I have never really had a proper girlfriend, well, not one that I've been with long enough to actually call it serious.It just annoys me that you spend a good couple weeks talking to someone and then they aren't willing to meet up. Another girl who's abroad and another girl who's possibly coming to live in my area in a couple months.I've been talking to the latter girl and if she comes that's cool, but the way my fortune is going, it might not happen.The problem with dating sites is that they are about money. Also gives you a chance to observe how the object of your affection speaks/behaves away from you. I just wish that the nicest guys didn't think the worst of themselves and give up before even starting x What is wrong with me?I am not ugly and I've had many girls tell me I'm good looking, attractive, cute and had a couple say they would sleep with me.

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