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B«l, with all i Maa deductiui a, the abbot hdd a moat impoaing poai'ion. hud much social inttuenou and political coi, 'i rm- tion. This raisetake himself to his houw at lord, in Kent, and thore remain in confine- ment, while the arehbishopric was ]mt into the hands of a commission, with Ijiud at the head.In Xnglaad the position of th .^bbot waa aapeeia Jly iaporta Bt ; for, introduced by monks, Engliah OMatiairily had Jkoa the fnt a monastic aapael. He was, however, restored to some degree of royal favour next year; but.1811), Lieutena"t I" 1866-68, and 1874-76 was rroatod Duke of Abemwn Mwjui. With wonderful skill and darinirhe disembark .d his force, at Aboukir in thcface of the trench army. Ab;rc,^,;by gained a complete victon-; but the battle t-nglish the life of their commander. General, IS2, ^pcaker of tho Hou«, o; Commons of i Tin/ T ^ Dunfermline B'.r J'ro. '"* " royal bursh bv W^dh«n the Lion, and received a charter Robert Bmee m 1319. S of the town was bimit by the Eng KA/i S when rebuilt was called Kiw Abert Sw^ John Gordon of Haddo, Lord Chancellor ^ Scotland, was created Earl of Aberdeen fa the peerage of Scotland. Xs diph^urtw Ii^aaatt Mhcto WCom 1 ans when engaged m negotiating the peace of Amiens. In thii capiiitv apro'n'nfnt share in the managitn^t SL 1".«'t'''n.In acknowledgment of Sir Ralph Aberwombv'" services, his widow was created a the United Kingdom, with the stylf^itk of Baroness Abercromby of Aboukir. The Universitv wa^ fomided m 1494 by Bishop Elphin.tone, and Mari^'h* ^^T '^^^ Keith, "C Maru Khal, about a century later. George, fonr^ fn ^'fi T^ "25*^^ * \T l^nite TKingdom S«lv (Mh^-^Tn*' m'."" niarriage wl^ trtdy Catherine Hamilton, assumed the addi- tional surname and arms of Hamilton. In 1806 he waselected f ivpi W-nt^ tive peer of Scotland. offered the Chancellorship of the Dudir ef Un«»,tcr by the Duke of Wellington w Sh a J"* tu^^^S"^*.' •h"'*'? and the formation of W IMianic Kingdom, recognised 1^ tk* Aba (4 ) Porte in 1829.Xo one waa allowed to act w Ul MMt Ua i ~ and the whole manasemant of tha IMM ultimately depended on him. ; but Abl d though a man of earnest piety, was narrow minded, stem, and lacking in geniality.But m.,^- dictine abbots wi re restricted in variona ways by their oblif^atiun to obaerve the rule of their founder. H was in theological matters the conspieuoi op^nent ol Laud, who represented tho « actum against Calvinism.

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The power ol the | «vaned with the oilier to which h..:lh^ i^ ^"^X *^ * Jble «»rvices, and that without dtootl« J^l S '"'^ If we commit the oustodr of an* «,„i.T j x ™«n or soodi : and ««M«r waate upon the ^ lat S, we^^^T 1*" '^^^ -ha U be committed to two Tni •nswer for the i«„e. have her ml Sl^t^ ^I'Sl^t' gite my thing for her dower o Tw ^ "heritaaoe j nor shall she her husband and she held on t Le day o HSTatr^ A^'.Beaideik we hare fully reraitt^i to a U the deiiy ud Ud^. And, moreover, we hare cau Md to be made to them teatiaionial hittara wtiiat of fy.*^/* *? The ahbot waa daetad by the btethien of tie iiionaiitvry, anbject to varying and ti Mtihwi rixht M of thu crown and the b Uwp ; bat, on th.' wholr, It* the poaitioit of abbot wa« one of \ nir; , but later it became usual for them to II ' .i M,- pric Bt'-; orders; and an early instance "1 I aenes of presbyter abbots is to be found III the (jreat foun Uatica of lona.

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