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"Drink dates are so popular, but go ahead and order a mocktail instead of a cocktail to make sure that your judgment isn't impaired." Of course, the whole point of dating—online or otherwise—is usually to find someone with whom you can let your guard down and be completely open. "If you tell your date, 'Wow, I just checked you out and I saw that picture of the wedding you went to last night,' it's going to sound creepy and don't be surprised if they cancel the date," Spira said."So, do a little bit of searching, and if things look like they actually match up, don't get obsessed with it. You don't want to seem like you're this huge cyberdetective and that you're stalking someone, because it takes the fun out of meeting someone." But keep in mind that just like the olden days when people met in bars or at parties or other social functions, dating can be a minefield littered with creeps. According to a study from the Pew Research Center, nearly 36 million Americans — roughly 15 percent of the adult population — have used an online dating site or mobile app, compared with just 3 percent a decade ago.Of those who have used the technology, 80 percent say it is a good way to meet people.If they're in real estate, find out if they have an active real estate license.A lot of these little search tips are free and they're really worth your time." And as difficult as this might be to consider, go to the National Sex Offender Public Website to make certain the person is not in the registry.Fortunately, people love to share all kinds of information about themselves on social media.

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But his real modus operandi eventually became clear. "It's not that sexy and romantic to do a background check, but some of the things that you can find that are revealed are maybe lawsuits, judgments, even an alias on someone if they're pretending to be someone else," she told "American Greed." Googling your potential partner is a start, but in this day and age, it is not nearly enough.Yet with a little bit of care, you can sidestep the Daylon Pierces of the world and find Mr. Are you dating or talking online to someone who says they are a military member? You might be looking for true love, but chances are good that you are the victim of one of thousands of military romance scams conducted every day. Officials and websites like receive hundreds of questions or allegations a month from victims who state they got involved in an online relationship with someone who claims to be in the U. military but started asking for money for various false service-related needs such as transportation costs; communication fees; or marriage, processing or medical fees. There are a variety of words and phrases used by scammers to hook unsuspecting men and women into relationships.Get clues about their likes and dislikes via Twitter and Instagram.Of course, anyone can create a fake persona on social media, so do not stop there.

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