New yorker article on computer dating

“We are a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde and we are going to take all your money,” Smith said of himself and Dubuc.

The question was: Did Smith know how that movie ends?

Don't assume online dating is just for losers who can't meet people on their own.

’ quiz,” says one Vice employee.) But it’s Smith’s ability to attract investment at higher and higher valuations that has made Vice’s expansion possible.

If Vice loses access to that easy money, its challenges will suddenly resemble those of many less-hyped media companies — plus, of course, it faces all the additional burdens that come with investors anxious to see their expensive bets pay off.

Refresh your profile with new pictures and life changes as they occur. Tell your date what you do, but don't reveal your office address or gossip about coworkers. Initially keep social media postings (such as status updates and photos) about potential mates to a minimum.

Block and immediately report verbally and/or physically abusive users. Never provide bank account information or agree to lend someone money. Be cautious if someone claims to live locally but is currently out of the country. Completely cut off communications if you feel uncomfortable. Jump back in after a month or two in the real world.

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