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Immersed in a gorgeous setting, these strangers will be surrounded by sun, fun, flirtation and romance, all cloaked in a wild competition.

Kristin Cavallari hosts the innovative unscripted dating competition series, in which sexy singles try to remain in paradise for as long as possible by pairing up.

Fox has added a twist to the original format, with one of the participants, “the picker,” getting to dance with two partners before choosing which one she/he would want to get to know.

“The pick” then has to decide if they too liked “the picker.” The tweak adds a double-jeopardy, decision-point element to a format that is very warm-hearted, Wade said.

If you’ve been unlucky in love on and offline, a new show might be your chance at finding your soul mate.Once they finish the dance, each partner walks away not yet having spoken a word to the other with the hope that they have done enough to warrant a second date.“Sometimes there is a magical chemistry, and sometimes you see they don’t have chemistry, and it’s pretty obvious,” Wade said.The format was created by Mentorn, a British production company, which has produced various versions of the show around the world.The show premiered on Fox in 2003, and was hosted by Amanda Byram.

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